Effective Date: September 1st. 2013

'Food Tours of Mumbai' offers exciting opportunities to work in an emerging industry in India. Food Tourism is growing at a rapid rate and we are looking for individuals who can contribute towards our success and build a successful career for themselves. We are looking for people who are complete 'foodies' and excited to introduce tourists to the magic of food in Mumbai.

We look for the following in all candidates:

- Fluency in English. Fluency in any other international languages is a huge advantage. (Fluency in all languages will be tested.) – Motivated to work in constant interaction with people. You need to be a complete people person. – Love for food. – Love for Mumbai and its culture. – Knowledge of Mumbai and its culture is a plus. – Experience of working with international clients is a major advantage.

We currently do not have any positions open. If you feel you can contribute to 'Food Tours of Mumbai', please send in your Resume and Cover Letter


Travel Tips

  • Mumbai Taxi: Some cabbies pimp out their interiors with themes that could give bars in Bangkok some stiff competition. Faux fur upholstery, neon blue or blinking lights, bucket seats, plastic flowers, mirrored ceilings -- you never know what you may encounter.

  • Mumbai Taxi: Ensure the meter is reset before you begin your ride. Old meters start at 1 and correspond to a fare chart that needs to be requested. Digital meters start at Rs 16 and Rs 20 post midnight.

  • Mumbai Climate: Mumbai, by and large, observes humidity throughout the year. Since it rests in the tropical zone, moreover close to sea, it enjoys more or less same weather.

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